60 bee keeping enthusiasts complete NARTDI’s Webinar on Beekeeping

A total of 60 participants completed the two batches of the free three-day webinar on basic beekeeping organized by the National Apiculture Research, Training and Development Institute (NARTDI) in November 2021.

Of the 60 individuals, 48 are from the first batch of the webinar held on November 2-5 while 12 are from the November 24-26 batch. The majority of the participants are beekeepers and apiculture major students.

Topics during the three-day webinar include Honeybee Biology; Beekeeping Tools, Equipment, and Hive Construction; Hive Management; Honeybee Pests and Disease Management; Bee Pasture Development and Pollination; Honeybee Products and By-products; and The Economics of Beekeeping.

“The Institute will remain steadfast in conducting a series of beekeeping training as one way of strengthening the beekeeping industry in the country,” said by Mr. George T. Bondot, Division Chief for Extension and Development.

Meanwhile, Mr. Arvin C. Tuyan, Coordinator for Training and Technical Services, explained that face-to-face basic and specialized beekeeping training will be expanded gradually by 2022 since the Institute has attained a 100% COVID-19 vaccination rate.

This year, a total of 70 individuals completed the limited face-to-face and

1, 094 individuals completed the webinar on beekeeping conducted by the Institute. (Lester Orpilla)

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