DMMMSU-NARTDI inspects potential area for beekeeping at CSU

The National Apiculture Research, Training, and Development Institute (NARTDI) headed by Executive Director, Dr. Joseph A. Panas, along with the Vice President of Research and Development and Innovation, Dr. Angelina T. Gonzales, conducted a comprehensive site assessment in various areas in Cagayan State University on March 20 to March 22, 2024.

According to Dr. Panas, the site assessment revealed promising findings, indicating favorable conditions for beekeeping within the CSU areas. The sites boast a rich diversity of plants, providing forage resources for bee colonies as indicated by the presence of native bees in the area. Moreover, the region’s climate was identified as conducive to beekeeping activities, ensuring the welfare and productivity of honeybee colonies. He expressed enthusiasm about the potential of beekeeping in the area.

“Our assessment has revealed that the sites visited in the different campuses of CSU possess the essential elements for beekeeping,” he said.

Key officials of CSU were informed about the outcomes of the assessment and are eager to collaborate further with DMMMSU to strengthen their skills in beekeeping.

More importantly, beyond the scope of the site assessment, the partnership between DMMMSU and CSU, manifests a shared commitment to fostering innovation, collaboration, and sustainable development for Beekeeping. CSU, Lallo Campus will adopt Apis mellifera beekeeping and incorporate it into their coffee project. Also, CSU, Sanchez Mira Campus remains committed to Stingless Bees. (By Arvin C. Tuyan)

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