The National Apiculture Research, Training, and Development Institute (NARTDI) assisted Apayao State College (ASC) in establishing a demonstration apiary. Five starter Apis mellifera honeybee colonies were set up in their apiary as a start-up in their beekeeping operation.

Dr. John N. Cabansag, ASC President, thanked NARTDI for assisting in establishing their demo-apiary. He also articulated their commitment to the development of their beekeeping project.

The establishment of the demo apiary aligns with the broader mission of NARTDI, which is dedicated to advancing the apiculture sector through research, innovation, training, and strategic partnerships. As one of NARTDI’s satellite centers, ASC plays a key role in disseminating beekeeping practices and empowering local beekeepers with the knowledge and resources needed to achieve success, growth, and satisfaction in their beekeeping endeavors.

The apiary will serve as an essential hub for education, research, and community engagement in the field of apiculture in Apayao in the future. Further, it will be an immersive learning environment where students, faculty members, and local beekeeping enthusiasts can gain hands-on experience in hive management, honey production, pollination, and disease control.

Furthermore, it will function as a focal point for applied research, facilitating studies related to beekeeping. By fostering a culture of research and innovation, ASC aims to generate actionable insights that can enhance the productivity and sustainability of beekeeping operations across the municipality. (By Arvin Tuyan)

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