NARTDI equips beekeeping enthusiast with technical expertise

The National Apiculture Research Training and Development Institute (NARTDI) provided technical assistance to Ms. Minda M. Balderas in establishing her apiary for the honeybee colony at  Barangay San Antonio, Agoo, La Union on May 22, 2024.

Ms. Balderas received her starter colony through her participation in the Basic Beekeeping Training organized by the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) last April 22-26, 2024. She sought supplementary training to further develop her skills and knowledge in managing the colony.

Recognizing the importance of supporting beekeepers, Mr. Macdonald C. Acosta, Head of the NARTDI demonstration apiary, promptly responded by leading a team to visit the site.

During the visit, the NARTDI team conducted a thorough assessment of Ms. Balderas’ beekeeping area.

Mr. Acosta advised Ms. Balderas to transfer the colony into a larger hive in an identified separate location to accommodate the growth of the colony,  where it would be less likely to be disturbed. Relocation ensures that both the bees and Ms. Balderas and her family could work without unnecessary interruptions.

Additionally, the team checked the health and status of the colony, confirming that it was strong and thriving. Mr. Acosta assured Ms. Balderas that the current health of the colony was in excellent condition which would facilitate a smooth transition to the new hive.

Ms. Balderas expressed her gratitude for the immediate assistance provided by NARTDI. “I am planning to purchase an additional honeybee colony and hope to receive continued support from NARTDI until I can confidently manage my colonies,” she shared.

By providing technical assistance, NARTDI aims to ensure that growing beekeepers can thrive and contribute to the sustainable development of beekeeping. (By Arvin C. Tuyan)

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